Adware apps with 8M+ downloads were kicked off from Play Store

Google took the action on 85 apps that have 8M+ downloads, due to violating the Google in-app adds policy. These apps were most of from editing and gaming category following a Trend Micro report. Trend Micro also mentioned the list of these apps. These adware apps forced the user to watch the full screen adds and these apps also run in the background to generate the revenue.

It is also difficult to remove such apps because such apps hide after installation. The  AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH named adware is detected from these 85 apps. The researchers also found many other apps that hide from the screen after 30 mints. Then it is difficult to uninstall these apps with drag and drop process. These apps might affect the security of user information.

The researchers also said that the users with Android version 8.0 and lower might be unaffected because in these versions apps took permission before installing in the mobile. So they might be caught by those who know about suspicious activities.

Google removed an app when someone reports the suspicious activity of the app and the app have downloaded in millions. So report any miscellaneous app found on Play Store

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