Android Q changes the naming history of Android OS.

Android Q now it’s the simple Android 10: On Thursday Google reveled Android Q name will be changed from Q to 10. It means that Google’s next-generation operating system long know as Android Q now its simple Android 10. Google takes this step to make the Android naming system easy now people already know the name of the upcoming android like Android 10, 11 and so on.

In the next release of the google will use Android 10 as a new name of the android upcoming version. Google product manager Sameer Samat says in his blog that  “We think this change helps make release names simpler and more intuitive for our global community.” Similarly, Google also changed the logo of the Android with the name of the Android.

Here some pics of the new logo:

Screenshot 15              Screenshot001 5

Now Google doesn’t release the date of the new version of the Android. The new logo of the Android will come with the new press release of the android.

Google released the beta version of the android 10 for the companies. The beta version is given to the companies for the development of their pattern according to their devices. The main feature of the android 10 the user data security. Google took special attention to security in developing the Android 10.

The android 10 will come to the support of every device like the foldable devices and many more. Now see what other features will come with the Android 10. Remember in the Android beta version Huawei already launched the EMUI 10.

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