Another 90 days for Huawei to face the US full ban

The US govt gives another 90 days to chines tech giant Huawei to continue his business in the US. The US govt putt this ban on Huawei in May due to security issues but latter give some time to Huawei to end up his business. Some of US companies are fully dependant on Huawei products due to low prices. Now US peoples can receive the updates from Huawei For another 90 days.

The US commerce Secratory Wilber Ross gave an interview to Fox Business and announce the news of the extension of 90 days in a ban. This extension of 90 days complete on 19th November. Ross said that US govt added 46 additional subsidiaries to Huawei ban that make difficult to Huawei to continuous business. This is the big news of today that now Huawei subsidiaries list increases to 100. Many of the US companies use Huawei products in rural areas due to affordable equipment. Another extension of 90 days from the US is for these companies to move on from Chines tech giant.

The US govt didn’t give any license to continue business with Huawei from May because US lawmaker doubts that Huawei uses the US data for Chinese security benefits. Due to this ban, Google also limited the access for Huawei to his products like Android. After the May threat from Google to cut off his Android license with Huawei already launched his Harmony OS. To finish his relIance from google Huawei is trying to develop his software bundles like own maps own app store etc.

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