Apple Card starts Working Today with this Process

Today Apple introduced his card in the market. Apple launched this card with a partnership of Goldmine Sachs. This card is available to all apple user in the US this month. Apple says that those users who signed up for the news of the card now can singe up for the use of card.

This card is working with apple existing wallet. The process of registration is that the user has to open his wallet and then fill up his required information. After this process user can use this card virtually and then receive his card with a mail-in few days. Apple says that this whole process took 1 mint only to approve or for denied the user request.

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Apple said that this card is not to compete with the premium services like American Express etc. Once you’re all done you have three associated numbers for use one is for your wallet, one is for your card and one is for your virtual card. you can use all of these numbers for your work and other purposes.

Apple said that the user can also create a virtual card and also add the expire date of this virtual card number for your online shopping purpose. The apple wallet user face is very user-friendly and easy to use all according to the user need. Now the question is like all apple products this card will also gain popularity or not.

Like any other credit card, it is easy to use and also very easy to register but it is not necessarily easy to get rid of it. At the end of everything, apple can’t issue a without the bank because Goldman Sachs is a bank the whole data of the apple users are to store in the bank.

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