Apple challenge to find bug in IOS and get 1$ million

In black hat conference in las vegas, Apple challenges the hackers to find any bug in the Apple IOS. With this challenge, apple fixes the reward of 1$ million to find the bug. In previous challenges apple fix the amount of 200,000$ to find the bug security experts succeded in this challenge. Everyone knows the security of apple is very good and very hard to beat this but apple gives this challenge to security companies to improve the security of his OS.

Apple offers this reward if any can get access to the mobile or MacBook without any user activity. Apple announces that everyone can submit his report to the company if it has a genuine reason then apple will pau him for his work. The company does not put any limit to the reports that submit from different bug finders. Now, let’s watch can anyone get this big reward by finding the bug in ios and macOS.

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