Apple next phones may announce on 10th September

Another news is coming about the apple yearly event. Today apple distributed his event invitations that are on 10th September at Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California. There is a wide chance that Apple will announce his iPhone 11 on this event.

According to The Verge, nothing is mention about the iPhone 11 launch on the invitations. But maybe like the previous year, the iPhone will launch three new phones on this event. There is a chance to see two from these mobiles come first time with the apple triple rear camera and one phone from these three phones comes with a 6.1-inch large screen.

Some more rumors suggest that these phones might support the bidirectional wireless charging and also charge the AirPods while using the wireless charging case. Some other feature like Face ID and many more that is already available in previous Apple phones. There is arear chance that Apple will launch only focus on a single product like in previous launch event Apple launch the apple watch 4 along with the iPhones.

This time is rumored that Apple will launch his 16 inch MacBook and update for his 13-inch tech bar. Apple may launch his iPad and iPad Pro that doesn’t normally launch with apple phones but Apple may launch these devices along with Apple’s phone. So connected with us for more news from the Apple event.

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