ChatGPT 4 is getting stronger With Memory Function

We all use ChatGPT in one way or another to make our professional lives easier. In most of the time nowadays we are trying to get help from AI for each thing that we don’t understand so we can perform our duties in an efficient manner but with all this when we use these tools every time we need to tell them to do that before anything. Just like if want ChatGPT to write some code or maybe an Essay or letter every time I have to tell the AI that my background is this and I do this and you don’t do this, so I can get a better response in return.

But every time it’s a time-consuming task and sometimes ChatGPT is unable to understand us so we have to spend more time on it. But this will no longer work OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT is getting a memory function to save the user data for the next time whenever you use GPT. It will be done in two ways one way is that you give the command to chatGPT that remembers this about me and chatGPT will remember every next time that data whenever you use GPT and the other way is that you keep using the ChatGPT and it will learn to form your way of using it. Every next time it uses previously stored data to perform any task more Effectively.


Every service of ChatGPT will have a separate memory function for that service to store the data. For a better understanding, I am using ChatGPT to write my motivation letter to apply to a company and I need different motivation letters for different companies the problem is that every time I have to tell ChatGPT about my background but now this will be resolved you only need to give minor details about the position you are applying and ChatGPT will use your data to perform that task easily which will save your time.

In the same way, we have different examples in which we can use that functionality. But with all that concern may arise about the data we are giving to the chatbot. For that, OpenAI made it clear that all the data you gave to the bot will be in your control you can change and delete that data just like any other services we use.

For the starting stage, this will be available for a small portion of the users but we see how quickly AI technology is increasing its foothold soon its will be available to all the users.

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