Facebook new portal TV a video chat device for your large TV

Facebook introducing the new concept of video calling with the help of his new device Portal TV. The company brings this Portal TV to provide the people with better video calling on a large screen. This Portal TV  device is coming to the market on 5th November 2019.

The user can connect the device his large TV then sign into Facebook for using the video calling with the Messenger and also for the Whatsapp. The company announces the two devices today that are portal TV, Portal TV Mini, and Portal Plus is already on sale from last year. You can connect this device with the HDMI cable for using this device.

Facebook said that the calls on WhatsApp will be encrypted with end to end encryption. The company representative also said that the device used the facebook smart camera technology to zoom the people and bring them in the frame of the call. The representative said that this could be helpful for the children. Facebook said that this device also has an option to record the calls and these call recordings will be used for making service batter.

when you want to call anyone by using this device you have to said “Hey Portal” then the Portal awakes automatically and then you call a person that is on your network. This device also has a feature that you can use while video calling and this feature is applying the filters on the camera recording.

This device also has the feature of the picture in picture mode that you can use while using the TV with your other programs and you can also keep the eye on any family member with you other TV shows. Facebook VR head tells this to The Verge that this feature is for watching programs together. This feature is currently working with the facebook originals and you can also use it with other streaming services.

Article Source: The verge

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