Get 4K and 4 simultaneous streams at once with the Disney+

Disney+ set up the launch date of the streaming service today and also introduce the one-month pricing. According to CNET Disney plus streaming, service will give you some extra services as compare to Netflix. Disney+ streaming service gives you access of 4 screens at a time you will get 4K video service at the same price. Importantly Disney+ set 6$ price for one-month subscription and you will get some extra by paying 12$ a month.

Of course, Netflix has a big library of videos and movies but Disney+ plus is also filling his library to compete the Netflix. Disney+ streaming service will launch on 12 Nov. So the Disney+ has approximately 3 months to fill up his video and movies library. Disney+ will also stream the famous series on his service. The series originally episodes will telecast on the service weekly rather than dropping the entire season according to Disney representative.

This interview is given to CNET at D23 Expo California. Disney+ streaming service will create a tough competition among the streaming giants Netflix, Amazon premium and soon coming to service Apple. Disney+ is trying to create a hub for all Hollywood movies and series and songs and many more categories that may beat all other current services. Netflix raised the prices of his streaming service at the start of this year to 9$. This service user can use on one screen at a time and he will have to pay some extra money to get HD results and more screen and again extra money for the 4K video service.

Due to all of these things if Disney+ provide the all required content then for sure it will beat all other streaming services with his low cost more options offer. Now see Disney+ will beat others or not

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