Google Fuchsia OS will replace Android

today every one is using android in most of the mobiles but with the time android have many problems that are unable to solve. To solve this problem google is developing its another OS called Fuchsia OS. This OS is based on the ZIRCON and other side Android is based on the linix. While developing and updating android google faced many issues google countineously removing these issuse with every update but now google lounched the website of Fushia OS and soon we will use this OS in our mobiles at the place of android.

Google anounced the update of every year of android but this update first receved by the mobile phone manufecture companies then for the users. These updates are not receved on all mobile phone from the companies. tis is the main issue that is faced by the google. Still thousands of mobiles are using android 4 or 5 and using old feature that may have bugs and easy to hack. This is also a main problem to lunche and develop the new OS.

Fuchsia OS have the feature to contol all the electronic,musical, and home appliances only need is the code that used in the apliances. google lounched thie OS due to fast speed of the internet that may not be get properly on androids.

Now wait is that when will google officaly anounce the OS and used in the mobiles. An test downloade link is here to test the AI and design of the OS. Visit the website for the more updates

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