Google Launches Gallary Go app with machine learning to Automatically organize your photos

Google launches its new Gallary Go app to organize your data with machine learning. Like all other google light application, Google also launched the lightweight application for your photos. like other apps of Google Maps Go, Youtube GO google working on its new app.

In his statement, Google said that this application is working same to the google photos but this is the light version. This application is also working with light speed internet and cloud backup. It also uses less space on your mobile. This application has the size of ten MB which is very lighter than the google photos app. This app also has all features that are in google photos app like organize the photos, photo Finder and easy editing.

It has a very clean and user-friendly interface with different tabs like photos. documents, videos, etc. Google developed this version for the old android user that has low memory and slow speed due to the heavy apps. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also are to launch the light version of the apps. Facebook also has a light version in the shape of the facebook light.

Google also stated, “Gallery Go will automatically organize your photos by the people and things you take photos of, so you can easily find your favorite selfie, remember where you had the best puff puff, and keep track of important documents.”

User can also use this app to edit the images, crop the images and for more editing, User also uses this app for offline use.

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