Google sent personal videos to strangers due to issue in Google photos

Google sent an alerting message to some users about their videos that are saved on the google photos app. Google takeout service lets the user download their data. It was under the technical issue form November 21st to 25th last year.  Due to this issue, some user’s personal videos data mistakenly sent to some strangers. Due to this small number of users get the videos in their archives that do not belong to them.


Google email alerting service does not provide any extra information about how many people were affected. Also, Google does not provide data about how many videos of an individual are affected. Google has over 1 billion users on this takeout service. According to a website less then 0.01 percent is affected by this issue.

This issue will give a bad impact on other users that are currently using this service. Google has apologized for “any inconvenience that may have caused”.

Google said that we are notifying the bug that has the users who used google takeout between these dates. A spokesperson from the user said that we are deeply analyzing to identify the user and solve this problem.

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