Google titan key arriving in Canada,Japan, the UK and France

A year after arriving in the US, Google now launched its titan key in Canada, Japan, the UK, and France. If you are dealing with the sensitive data then it will very helpful for you. Google titan key is available in mentioned countries. Google titan key is a two-factor authentication security key for the physical hardware.

If you are using many apps and have weak passwords to login to these apps then this key is the perfect solution for you instead of using weak passwords. this key connects to the device that requires to login. In starting google use this key for its internal use and then make for the public use only in the US and now it is available in mentioned countries.

To answer this question a news site The verge reached out to google. A spokesperson from google answer this that google is estimating that how fast this key is available for more regions. This key has cost 50$ in the US and it is available with the same price with a difference of 5$ to 10$ in all mentioned countries.  

Article source: The verge

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