Google will start surfing Podcasts on web app

The search giant Google is taking the step to make podcasts available in google search results to find it easily. The company is now working on related episodes of the podcasts to show search results, so if anyone search on the google about the certain topic or a person interview the google will show the results that are matching to the search. Google will also be working on the Google assistance to ask podcasts and find episodes on the related topic but this will available soon not yet.

Now people have to search the word podcast to find the podcasts on the search engine. If you find the podcasts about the specific topic you will have to write the word podcasts with the topic. like if you want to find the podcasts about the topic “famous Youtubers” then you have to write the word “podcasts of famous Youtubers” you will find the results. Once you choose your episodes it will play on the Google web app.

The same process will available on Google Assistance. It is good that Google says it’ll also support third-party playback, that is important for podcasts that are exclusive for certain platforms. To index the podcasts episodes Google says RSS feed is automatically indexed. Google is working on the podcasts episodes to indexed in the search engine. The company already indexed the 2 million episodes. Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Google product manager said that Google is working to enhance this service. For this google is monitoring that which episodes get more clicks to make his position on the top page and also whether this show is from the third party or not.

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