Huawei launched his new OS called Harmony OS

Huawei new HongMeng OS will name as Harmony OS.

The Chines tech giant Huawei launched his very rumored HongMeng OS with the name Harmony OS in his conference. Huawei CEO said that Huawei will switch to Harmony OS if needed. Huawei CEO says at (HDC 2019) that this OS can be useable with different devices like smart speakers, smartphones and even in sensors. It’s a part of Huawei’s play to manage the devices that are connected with the internet.

In the Features details of the Huawei Harmony OS, it will have the ability to run the existing android apps. More it also has high-performance graphic and it is a lightweight OS that boosts the performance of the device. It will also able to use in car head units speakers and VR glasses. Just like the Android Huawei OS will also an open-source OS and it will also be a good competitor of Google Fuchsia OS because both will be based on a microkernel.

Here you can watch the launch event.


It is a noticeable thing that Huawei is also launching a phone along with his mate 30 series with Harmony OS as we mentioned in his previous article. This is a mid-range phone will launch with the price tag of 300$. Huawei will also announce the smart TV with this OS and this OS is available for the computers and all other devices in 2020.

The whole process of the development of Harmony OS is started in May 2019 after the google ban Threats. Now the wait is that when the first thing with this OS Huawei announced and how’s the experience of the general public with this OS

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