Huawei said that the US tried to hack their system

A very heavy statement is on trending from Huawei that the US cyber cell trying to hack their system. The US and Huawei war is also a very big issue nowadays. The US is already banned Huawei to continue the Business in the country. For now, the US is trying to access the Huawei servers to get the data. Huawei released the statement that Huawei has to face the US cyber attacks from the US cyber department Huawei also said that US law agencies continue visiting their employee’s houses to harass them. This could be done to get information about company operations.

An official statement from Huawei is that ” the US is trying to use both law and enforcement agencies and judicial powers of administration for the disposal of the company”

Huawei in his press released said that the US trying to hack both intranet and internal pieces of information. The company doesn’t clear this weather this attack was successful or not.

In the acquisition, the US said that Huawei used his smartphone cameras to get information about many places but Huawei denied this acquisition. Huawei is working with many small companies in the US. The US Govt give another deadline to Huawei and other working companies to finish his business. we have discussed this already in our previous post.

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