Huawei will introduce his mapping tech to challenge Google

According to China Daily reports Huawei is also working to introduce his mapping tech like Google maps. Huawei might introduce the maps to challenge the google maps but not the way you imagine. Huawei is going to introduce this service for developers that use the maps in a different application. This service is also for those companies that use the navigation to give ridding services to users.

According to China Daily, Huawei exec said this mapping services called mapping kit use by the developers for navigation and also to give real-time traffic conditions to users. China Daily report also gives some clues where the Huawei get the maps data for his mapping services. For getting the mapping Data Huawei will partner with the Russian company Yandex that already providing the mapping services API keys.

Huawei will also partner with the Road ridding services that are using Google maps services for now. After the launch of this service, they switch to Huawei mapping Kit. Huawei has to invest a lot of money to complete this service.

After the launch of Google maps Google invest the heavy amount to complete this service. In 2013 Google invest 996$ million for buying the Waze. This waze car moves around the world to catch the maps. Microsoft Bing maps also buy maps from Nokia in 2015 for 3M. Huawei introducing this mapping tech to remove his reliance form Google after the US ban. Huawei already launched his Harmony OS and its product.

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