Leaked Android OS for the feature Phones

Today a new video is up on youtube that shows the android OS is working on the Nokia feature phone. In the video, it is clear that this is also using the Google assistant along with the google other apps like facebook Google maps youtube and some others.

The video shows that this OS is working on the Nokia feature according to 9to5Google. A piece of news was up on the internet earlier this month that Google chromium source code on Google is working to design the chrome browser for the touchless feature phones. latter on some pics have emerged that show some feature design for the feature phones.

In this video, it shows that all the apps design by Google and come with every phone pre-installed. The main thing is that noticed is this phone is working on android 8.0 which is interesting. There is an app that is installed in that name “Iron GAFP” that runs all the apps on the phone.


The noticeable thing is that without the permission of the google Feature phone operating system exists that might be ceased. Google invested 22 million on the kiaOS that is based on the discontinued Firefox OS. Now the thing that is to be more awaiting what will be the next future of feature phones? will it come with kiaOS or Android?


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