Now You can search text in Photos on Google Photos

Searching the things is the need of everyone today and Google is known for his search engine. Now Google is improving the search quilty in his app Google photos. Google makes the easier to search for photos in the google phots app by text in an image. Google introduced many features to make the searching easier in the google apps. These features powered by the google lens for the backup of the data from applications.

In his recent tweet company told about his new search feature that is in image text feature. The user can find his required image from the google photos app by searching the text that exists in the image. This new feature is a part of the google lens image analyzing the ability. This can be further copied and pasted by using lens OCR functionality.

This new google lens image searching functionality can make very easy and time saving for a user to find its related images in google phots. Google OCR technique will use in searching the images and show the images that have above-searched text.

This feature is now available for some android devices but not for everyone and sadly this is not available for the IOS users. But soon this feature will available for everyone using google photos on android or IOS. By using this feature you can find the images that have text like hotels, street signs, business cards, etc It is very important to clarify that this feature is worked with clear text in the photo.


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