Reasons of recent Crypto crash

We have seen a crypto crash on Saturday where Bitcoin falls about 20% which is the lowest since 13 October. On Friday Bitcoin’s price is in the 50k line but due to some market financial reason, it suddenly falls to 40k over a night which causes the investors a big loss. During September Crypto market is continuously falling as Bitcoin goes down from 64k from the start of September to 59k at the end of December. The whole Market falling situation is due to some reasons that I think have the main factor on the market.

The Covid:

In mid-September WHO Warns all the countries with the new variant of the Coronavirus that is more dangerous and spread more fastly that is one of the reasons for the crypto crash as that extant. People are aware of every possible impact that will affect the global markets as previously corona have done horrific thing in most of the world countries. So that why with the news of the Omicron Variant every taking action according to their interest that why it affected the Crypto.

The Holidays:

One other reason for the market dump is holidays, Past some weeks market continuously fluctuating very fast so most of the big investors in the market get the most of the profit that they want and now they pull all their funds to enjoy their holidays. This is also a reason of the crypto crash.


After the big Crypto Crash now is the best time to invest in the market so the market is also getting its position back slowly. when the market is crashed every one is looking at what is happened but after that those who want to invest more or from start will get a good opportunity to start their crypto Journey


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