Rocket League Sideswipe is now Available Worldwide

Rocket League Sideswipe, which is the mobile version of a famous soccer game is now available on Android and IOS app stores. The mobile version of the game is started rolling out on November 15 for a few selected users but now is available for all users. The game is currently in “pre-Session” mode before season one, New-season date is unannounced currently, according to 9to5Google.

The current version of the game is completely different from the original version that is launched in March 2015. This Mobile version is built all in 2D other than the 3-dimensional version that is available on PC. The controls that are given on the mobile version is all moving joystick button is on the left side and the booster or other jumping etc buttons are on another side.

Some changes that are seen in the mobile version are that the booter is activated auto according to the need and only 2 players are allowed to play one time in one team.

You can download for IOS and Android here:

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