Security key for iPhone user to keep their Passwards physically safe

iPhone user now can also able to use a security key for their safety. They can use the Yubikey 5Ci key which is going on sale today for their iPhones, laptops and Android phones. It is the most awaited and first physical security key that has a lightning port one side and USB-C port on another side. the USB-C port yet not work with the iPad Pro, tablets, and PCs with old USB-A ports. But the USB-C port has many options to work with the multiple devices.

Hardware security keys are the most demanded product nowadays because it saves the user accounts to hacker phishing attacks and also to remember many passwords. This Yubikey 5Ci come in the market today with the price of 70$. This key can work with many password manager apps in iPhone including 1Passward, Bitwarden, Lastapp, and Okta. This key is also workable with the IOS Brave browser to enhance the security of BIthub, Twitter, GitHub and many more.

With this key company also released the developer Kit for new browser and app creator to add support. Google Titan key is also a physical and most demanded security key that used nowadays for many security purposes. But this Yubikey doesn’t support the chrome and Gmail. Most of the security keys today work with BlueTooth and NFC technology but these physical security keys increase the security.

These keys are also useable to unlock the cars and houses that’s why these keys are in under trend nowadays. The newer iPad pro and users will soon able to use this Yubikey but for now, they will have to wait for any other update from the company


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