As we know that there is a medical emergency in almost the whole world due to the COVID-19. We can protect ourselves and our families with the same simple safety measures that are mentioned.

  • Stay home with your family for the protection of your and your family.
  • Use a mask for your safety from COVID-19 and make this possible for all your family members and also the peoples you know you can guide them about the use of masks.
  • Try to wash or sanitize the hand after every hour and use the gloves for your safety.
  • Cooperate with your Govts in this medical emergency and try to do your work at home.
  • Immediate the isolate the people if you found some symptoms of COVID-19 in you and also if in your family member.
  • Test yourself as soon as possible from the nearest laboratory.

Your Social responsibilities:

  • Volunteer yourself for the help of needy people if you have no work at home.
  • Help the Doctors in this situation if you have some medical knowledge.
  • Help the poor and needy peoples in your society if possible.
  • Guide the people at their doorsteps about the safety measures.

One day this virus will end soon so fight with full power if you did this you are in the lists of those people who save the world. Do your social and moral duties for awareness and protection of the peoples.

Read this for more guidelines about this virus.


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