Tangi: Google short tutorials world for their users

As we all know that today people get information about their tasks from tutorials that are available on a different website. To solve this problem google launched the new platform for the short video tutorials named “Tangi”. This app is part of Google Area 120. We all know about the short video app TikTok gain huge popularity on the base of these short videos. We know that google 0wn the Youtube that has a very big database of tutorials videos.

┬áBut some of the videos on youtube are too long and created by attaching many short videos. For this purpose Google launched the idea of Tangi. On this app user can get the many tutorials according to their need. Google fixe the duration limit of 60 sec to upload a video. According to Google the word Tangi derived from the word “Tech and Give” and also from the word “Tangible”. This app is using the Snapchat-esque feature to convert longer videos into smaller ones.

This app only allow the content that has some learning skill and some type of carpentry work. Content on this app is categorized into different categories like cooking, fashion, Diy, Art, Beauty, and lifestyle. This app also includes the most papular videos category Technology.

But for now, this app is launched only for the IOS, later will be launched for the Android also but for now, android users can access these tutorials form the website. By getting all the idea of the app now Question is that Youtube also have a huge database of tutorials and has a great place in the market then how will this app get progress?


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