This game might you have not played tomb Rider 2

Those who love to play the latest games and playing for a long time defiantly play the Tomb rider 2 games that were launched in 1997. Tomb rider 2 was a famous game and played a lot when it was launched the same game was remade by some fans on the unreal engine called Nicobass that below your mind when you play the game but again it is fan-made game not supported officially.

A group of seven developers that loves the game remake the Tomb Rider 2 game for the fans of the tomb rider. Developer makes the only first part that is consists of approximately one hour of gameplay you can download this game for free and enjoy the game.

Now let’s talk about the comparison of old Tomb Rider and new Tomb Raider. The old one was very old and developed with the old graphics and the new one was developed in the unreal engine that is very mind-blowing in creating the high graphics game. The group of 5 fans developed this game for the fan gamers and this is free to play.

Now the main point is that the companies always ban like these project that is remade for the fans but for now this game is out of the eye from the company lets see what the company does when they know about this project.

For now, you will able to play this game and remake your memories with this game with ultra-high fps graphics.

Requirements :

  • 2 GB graphics card.
  • 4 GB Ram ( 8GB strongly recommended )
  • Directx 11
  • 5.7 GB of storage.
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