Uber is Adding new Recording Feature for Safety

To increase the safety of the riders Uber is adding recording features in three US cities at the end of this month. Uber said in his press release after the positive response of this audio feature in Latin America and other 14 countries now it will be available in three more cities in the US later this month. In this feature, both the driver and the rider have the option to use this feature by clicking the shield button. If the rider is using this feature the driver will be able to get notifications knowing about riders recording. These recorded files are encrypted and stored in both rider and driver devices to protect privacy. In the case of submitting the file safety report to the company both have the option to attach the recorded file.

Another feature for the safety of both uber is launching a new audio seat belt alert feature. Last year the rate of accidents according to the highways Authority is more due to not buckling of the seat belts during driving. Based on these reports Uber is also planning to bring a new feature of audio seat belt alert at the start of 2022. At the start of every ride, the driver will get the audio alert of buckling the seat belt and the driver is also can send a push notification for the passenger to fasten the seat belt.

On the enhancement of his RideCheck feature that was introduced in 2019 Uber is adding the capabilities of detecting long stays during the ride and also detection of the unexpected routes. Using these features if the rider is staying for long on a particular place or taking an unexpected route the Uber will send push notifications to both for asking about everything ‘OK’. Both can able to respond using the app otherwise they can take action using the app emergency options.


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