Uber now can use your SmartPhones to detect vehicle crash

A year ago Uber introduced a feature called the “Ride check” for the safety of the Uber driver. This feature also informs the Rider about any issue faced by the driver like the Ride delay and some others. Now after one year this feature starts working in the US. Uber uses the camera and other sensors in the Mobile for this detection.

If some reason the ride is delay it will send the notification to rider and Driver both drivers can use this notification to answer from the listed answers. If something serious is happening with the driver then the app will automatically call the authorities to inform the accident. This new feature doesn’t require any additional permission.

This technology is working by using machine learning. This is not the new technology some other companies like Zendrive are already using this. To avoid the wrong information it sends a notification to both driver and rider they will answer with okay if everything is wright.

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