Unfortunatly Huawei Mate X comes after september reports says

After the June delay, Huawei Mate X faced another delay to come in the market. The company told to the Techradar that Huawei Mate X will not come in September, it may come before the November but it confirms that it comes in the market this year. This delay may be helpful for the Galaxy Fold because it comes in the in September.

Huawei didn’t comment on the delay of the device. May this delay is due to some extra test of the foldable screen because in Samsung Galaxy Fold people found many screen problems after the coming in the US market on 26th April. After the US ban on the Huawei, It seems that Huawei Mate X is the second priority for the Huawei because they may first want to secure there self.

For this reason, Huawei already launched his harmony OS last week. Google and US security peoples ban the Huawei for stealing the information. Now let’s see when Huawei Mate X come in the market. If Huawei becomes late to make this device available in the market then it is the one-sided match for the Galaxy Fold.

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