WhatsApp Crypto Payment pilot is Launched in US

WhatsApp crypto payment pilot is now launched in the US for “Limited people” to use for receiving and sending money to other wallets. Novi Meta’s digital wallet is used to support the WhatsApp crypto payment feature and all the allowed people will use Pax Dollar’s(USDP) stable coin introduced by Paxos.

Whatsapp crypto payment can be sent as we all sent any other attachment on Whatsapp. People can use the paper clip button on Android Devices and the plus (+) button on IOS devices to send the money to any other wallet using the menu option that is added for Crypto payments. Novi’s stated that there are no fees to send money from one wallet to another and also no limit on keeping balance in Wallet.

Novi’s wallet is available only in US and Guatemala but the people of Guatemala are not able to use this new Whatsapp crypto payment feature it is only available in the US for now.  This new Whatsapp crypto payment feature is introduced by the Meta (previously Facebook) after creating the new hyped about Metaverse and virtual reality. Meta Planned about the crypto feature is also the main reason to introduce this in WhatsApp. Meta’s cryptocurrency wallet Calibra that has become Novi may support the whole Whatsapp crypto Payment system in feature and the reason for this whole planning is to make crypto Payment transactions easy and with lower fees than other transaction systems.

This Whole Whatsapp Crypto Payment system is now launched in the US but in all other countries, WhatsApp payment supports the traditional currencies to make the payment transfer system more easily.


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