Will Huawei have to face the 5G Ban in long term

Huawei may continue waiting until the Canada election in October to find whether it banned from providing 5G technology or not. Reuters reported Monday that this decision is related to the Canadian that is in China’s custody.

Huawei CFO Meng Wenzhou arrested on the request of America. Followed by China has captured the two Canadian citizens in Beijing.

Huawei 5G

Full interest on how and why the Huawei mobiles are in trouble

How 5G included in the trade war between America and China

China said that Canadians allegation on Huawei is against China.

How China, Brexit, and the US introduced the 5G global wireless. Reuters says the experts in Ottawa investigate entrance of Huawei in 5g technology impact the National security. China warned Canada if he banned the Huawei it would poorly answer.

The office of public safety and emergency preparedness, Ralph Goodale, he cannot comment on the specific companies but clears that it is undertaking the 5G technology and security examination for the impacts of general security.

“The government of Canada is carefully assessing the security challenges and potential threats involved in future 5G technology while recognizing the potential this technology holds for Canadians,” Goodale’s office told to the website in an emailed statement. “We take appropriate decisions in due course. We ensure that our networks are kept safe for Canadians.”

In May Huawei was banned by America, President Trump signed on an order that this company prohibited due to national security risks, but Huawei denied this again and again. America’s ban comes after the six months ban on Australia that cities the national security risks.


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