Will Huawei revealed Hongmeng OS this week

After the temporary ban from the Google Huawei is working on its Hongmeng OS. This operating system could replace Google android. A report from the chines news Globel times said that Huawei revealed his Hongmeng OS this week. this report is come from china news agency but should be taken as skepticism. Some key points may verify this report soon.

First, Huawei shows off this OS in a conference which is on 9th August in Dongguan, China. Huawei says that this OS is for IoT devices and first comes with the Honor smart TV. Hongmeng OS is said that also to be built o microkernel and have the ability to accommodate artificial intelligence and also can run on many platforms.

Similarly, Google Fuchsia OS also can run with many devices and platforms as Google says. Globel times also said that Hangmong OS is working with many mobile phones and already tested with many phones. Hongmeng OS could be officially seen in Huawei mate 30 pro at the end of this year routers says and it may less in price due to the new OS.

read this form more information:

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