will iphone clone leaked the original design

iPhone’s new model launch has very effective attention in every country. same like every year again one time the chines manufacturers leaked the iPhone design in iPhone 11 clone this phone have the three cameras at the back and probably the different design of every time this clone have the chines ios version the fully functional and have all the iPhone features this time chines manufacturers focus on the cameras this clone iPhone have 4 to 5 cameras 3 in back and 2 in front. Chines tech giant Huawei put a new trend in the mobile phone industry about the cameras Huawei every phone has very high-resolution cameras and might be the iPhone also follows the trend of the camera phone.

This time iPhone clone has another new thing at the upside of the volume key buttons let see what feature iPhone includes a new feature in this button or obey its previous models feature.

Every time the iPhone introduced the new thing in the mobile phone market now iPhone lovers have to wait to experience the new iPhone 11 officially. this time iPhone clone adds the cameras in cube shape like a bit up from the body of the phone. let’s see what new thing will apple launch in his phone it is that every manufacturer follow the iPhone feature like last time iPhone introduces the face lock and new we experience face to lock in every phone

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Muhammad Bilal

Nice article

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