Watch Google Stadia connect event tomorrow at 1 p.m ET/10 a.m

Google stadia is a gaming service that launched from Google in recent months. Through this service, the gamers can play games at their homes by using the Google cloud servers. Google announced this service to provide the facility to play games at home with low spacs computers, mobiles, tablets.

It provides 4K/60 FPS gaming experience with the cost of only 9.99$. Google also announced the free service in which user can play free games on 1080p/60 FPS but in this service user has to buy some available free games.

Catch the event

Google provides a demo of Stadia on many devices in his stadia announces event but there is some question that raised in the mind of every gamer how will its work? so to clear this question to google having an event tomorrow 19th August at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m at Gamescom. to talk about the stadia new games according to Youtube description. So watch this event for more information about the Google Stadia event. Read the detailed news

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